Trifecta Guide Program: The Body. The Mind. The Spirit.

Experience Andrea in your back pocket with 9-weeks of live engagement and interactive lessons within a multi faceted learning platform for each series, The Mind, The Body, The Spirit!

Each series consists of 21 lessons that will provide you with the foundational principles and strategies that will equip you to live your most daring adventure & unleash your Gypsy Spirit!

Series 1 : Dive into self discovery about the Body

  • Go beyond the mainstream diet ideas.
  • Gain understanding about true health and true healing
  • Discover the movement that your body craves
  • Tap into your energetic potential abilities
  • You will learn about nutrition, movement, energy and the foundational principles that make your body the most incredible vessel for your greatest adventure.

Series 2 : Dive into self discovery about the Mind

  • Gain control and navigate the inner workings of the mind
  • Uncover the tools that will elevate your thought processes and unleash a everlasting positive perspective.
  • You will gain a deep understanding of your mind that lead you to further success in life, business & adventure. Jump into the Mind and its inner workings in order to allow yourself the freedom you long for.

Series 3 : Dive into self discovery about the Spirit

  • Be trained on how to allow your Spirit to rule your life
  • Tap into your fullest self-expression
  • Discover the power of expanding from the inside out
  • You will learn about your Gypsy Spirit and why being in touch with it in every decision in every way leads you to living your most daring adventure each day for the rest of your life.

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